Web Design

21 avril 2020

It’s now essential to have a digital strategy with effective tools to build
a solid brand image and create a strong brand awareness. 


Since 2012, digital evolves very quickly. Websites structure completely changed such as time spent on the Internet
and all the devices, we had to adapt website structures to devices.


Mobile using is higher than computer or tablets use, we spend at least 2 hours a day
browsing websites, social medias, emails etc.

It’s a new age !

We need digital, a very user-friendly and immersive website can help a lot your company
to increase your brand image, your revenues.

It’s must-have. However, a website doesn’t work without a strategy.

One of the key point to get your website indexed in Google is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


With my team of web designers and developers,
we work hand in hand with our clients.


The main point is to listen to our client needs. Each need is unique, each project has its own objectives.

At first, we spend time with our customer to understand the brand, the marketing position,
the brand image, the sales or ROI objectives and also the expectations of the future website.

It’s essential to understand all these points to propose the most suitable website.

We support our clients throughout all the project from the beginning to the training of the CMS
and the integration to allow them being stand-alone.

From the customer brief, we work all together to develop and design the website arborescence with a very user-friendly navigation, to create immersive product pages to avoid bounce rate…

We also work on content creation, texts (in English, in French), and images (how to show the marketing position within the website ?)


How do we work for SEO ?


We have someone dedicated to content creation and specialized in SEO. It’s important to use specific key words in the content to get indexed by Google.

Search results easily show you how your website or a specific page are searchable.
It’s also a matter of url’s, image naming and tags.


We are here to advise you to help your website being in the first Google result page.

To boost your awareness, your sales, we also propose SEA strategy (Search Engine Advertising).

This help your business to get more views, purchases online or offline.


Simple website, e-commerce website, blog, everything is possible !


Website creations :











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