Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts of Communication and a Master in communication in New York City in 2011, I nearly have 10 years experience in Marketing and Communication. Self-taught and passionate, I am always grateful to meet new people to work with, to share my passion with my customers to build a strong and long-term relation. 

Right after my diploma, I quickly started to work as a Press Officer for Rita Zia, a jewel brand based in Geneva, in Switzerland. The brand is about to reach its peak at this moment, so I started to manage the Marketing and Communication department and three Press Offices : Paris, Bruxelles and Sao Paulo. In charged of the Press Relations, media buying, also managing a creative team : photographer, Artistic Director, graphic designer, I also developed influencer partnerships, organizing photo shooting to produce Instagram content. 

In 2015, I have new desires, I created mon own company in France to be able to make full use of my skills and my new passion : photography. In 2018, to enlarge my client portfolio, I started to work closely with a web designer and developers agency with who we offer website creations, eCommerce websites, online strategy etc. In 2019, I moved the company in Geneva, Switzerland to work closely to my customers.

Today, we are a creative team of 5 people including web designers, social media managers, graphic designer and a photographer.  We are working with French and international brands and shops, especially in the architecture, fashion, jewelry, design and beauty industries.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in a new project !